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steakhouse & dry age butcher shop

Grilled Beef

why us ?


11/56 ซอยศูนย์วิจัย ถนนเพชรบุรี บางกะปิ ห้วยขวาง กทม.

Open 10:00 - 22:00 น.

TEL. 02-821-5889



Who are we ?

Harrison Butcher is a beef manufacture. We have our own farm to produce cattle feed and we have our owned cattle and contracted farming so you can be confident that our beef will be safe and delicious always.

Dry Age Beef

Our beef is produced from young feeder cattle aged less than 30 months so it 's always soft and low fat. Especially when we also combine Beef Aging. Our Dry Aged beef is especially tender and tasty as the environment of the Dry Age room that we build is strictly controlled with USDA standards.

Your Choice

We are well aware of the distinct taste of each person, especially Beef Lovers.

You can choose your Degree of Doneness, choose to season your steak with Himalayan salt or have your steak bleu rare. Of course as we have professional butchers, you can also choose your perfect cut from the butcher room.

Affordable Price

Our beef are from local Thai farm, not imported and we do Dry Age in our own facility so we can ensure the lowest price in the market.

Having quality steak everyday in Thailand is not a problem no more!


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