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{Harrison's} Fun Facts : เนื้อ Dry-Aged เป็นอย่างไร?

What is Dry-Aged Beef Like? Why is it so well known for its distinct taste......

How is Dry-Aged beef extra tender? { Natural Enzymes and Microorganisms }

After 4 weeks of dry aging the beef, the natural enzymes and microorganisms in the beef will

begin to digest parts of the tissues in the muscles, in which makes the meat more tender and

ready for consumption.

Dry aged beef has a rich taste?

When the dry aging beef is under 1-3 degrees celsius and specific humidity along with consistent air flow its skin on the surface becomes drier, whereas the meat on the inside is even more juicier than ever before!

'Dry Aging' the beef will change the meat's condition to have a richer taste and aroma.

- Hanging the beef in 1-3 degrees celsius

- Keep hygiene at its best!

- Aging takes around 28 days at least

- Fast airflow

All of the above has been some of the facts of 'Dry-Aging'. For more, contact Harrison Butcher.......

To compare, the aroma that builds up with Dry-Aging is like how cheese develops its tasteful aroma which is also singular to the time of aging we have.

The appearance of beef under 'Dry-Aging' process. The humidity under the skin of the beef will gradually evaporate which causes the colour of the skin of the beef to get darker, the texture more tender, the aroma richer. All in all intensifying the taste of true beef.

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